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Suzhou is hangzhou china nightlife guide famous for classical Chinese gardens hangzhou china nightlife guide and water towns, such as Humble Administrator Garden, Lingering Garden, Master of Nets Garden, Tongli Water Town, Zhouzhuang hangzhou china nightlife guide Water Town, etc. · Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and the local political, economic and cultural center. What cities does Hangzhou fly to? Hangzhou Nightlife If you like to pass your night over a drink and some music, you have plenty of choices hangzhou china nightlife guide in Hangzhou. Nanshan Lu (or the West Lake bar street) is where most of the nightlife in Hangzhou happens, though there are other hot spots in town.

I’m really excited to have this finally up as it’s an article I’ve been meaning to write for a long time – Vagabundo Magazine is also a fantastic up-and-coming travel website and this article is currently featured on it. ) But that doesn&39;t mean you shoul. If you&39;re looking for nightlife in Hangzhou, Shuguang Lu is the best place for bars, but china there&39;s also a bunch of watering holes near Ming Town Youth Hostel on Nanshan Lu (towards the southern end of the eastern shore of West Lake). Discover the best nightlife in Hangzhou, China including Midtown hangzhou china nightlife guide Brewery, JZ Club, Eudora Station. The hangzhou china nightlife guide scent of incense twists between the Qing temples of Hangzhou, while local tourHQ guides help reveal the heritage wonders and cultural sites of the UNESCO-tagged West Lake Scenic Area. Whether you are looking for intimate bars, great live music venues or packed dance clubs, hangzhou china nightlife guide Hangzhou has got you covered. It only takes about 40 minutes to Shanghai or 1.

Hangzhou Entertainment. hangzhou china nightlife guide (includes offline mode and text to speech). After the sun goes down, there is even. hangzhou In hangzhou china nightlife guide this poetic and romantic city, no matter when you come, you’ll have a lot of choices to enjoy every moment – you can take the rare chance to enjoy hangzhou awesome performance - “Most Memorable is Hangzhou” to appreciate east-meets-west elements showed in G20 Summit night gala, join in.

The glorious show named Impression of West Lake is an optional entertainment for your Hangzhou night. Specific areas would be along Shuguang Lu guide or on Nanshan Road. Hangzhou is known for its nightlife; its karaoke places, night clubs, discos, and pubs. Bars & Pubs in Hangzhou, Zhejiang: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Hangzhou Bars & Pubs and search by price, location, and more. Hey, maybe you&39;ve never heard of Hangzhou (tbh, I hadn&39;t before this trip! Known for its ancient roots, the city has plenty to offer for visiting tourists. Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou Hangzhou is located the east of China. The most popular evening past time remains, however, the typical Chinese experience of walking around or across hangzhou china nightlife guide the West Lake with your beloved in the moonlight.

Landmark of Beijing nightlife 85 Reviews This is the. china HANGZHOU NIGHTLIFE Drinking age is 18 (not enforced), and there hangzhou china nightlife guide is no last call (some bars stay open all night). It is quite closed to famous tourist cities like Huangshan, Suzhou and Shanghai. comIntl rates apply). Top hangzhou Hangzhou Nightlife Considered among the most beautiful and romantic cities in China, Hangzhou also has one of the best nightlife scenes outside of Shanghai or Beijing.

Hangzhou Nightclubs. As the southern terminus of the Grand Canal, the city is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River in southeast China, a superior position in the Yangtze Delta and only 112 mi (180 km) from Shanghai. Beautiful city, beautiful people, beautiful trip! Hangzhou Nightlife After daytime excursions to lakes and mountains in Hangzhou, visitors should go to the lakeside to enjoy the music fountain for fantastic nightlife. There is a row of nightclubs hangzhou china nightlife guide along West Lake near the IYH. Hangzhou has guide direct and frequent flights with major cities in China and also some international destinations, including Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok. When the sun goes hangzhou china nightlife guide down, the serene Hangzhou takes on another appearance.

Hangzhou, China Beer china culture is really taken off in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Nightlife. Hangzhou&39;s unique Dragon Well tea (Longjing Tea) plays an hangzhou china nightlife guide important role among the varieties of Chinese green tea. Hangzhou Travel Guide.

· From the dragon&39;s well: tasting longjing tea in Hangzhou, China 7 min read • Published One of China’s most important tourist cities, Hangzhou, in the eastern province of Zhejiang, is renowned for its natural beauty and classical Chinese. Hangzhou Nightlife is an in depth Hangzhou life guide for expats in Hangzhou on dining, nightlife, travel, events, festivals, performances and more. Lists of Top Things to Do in Hangzhou. hangzhou china nightlife guide Therefore, you may take a cruise along the canal to admire the beautiful night view that is decorated with lighting lanterns. Main nightlife scene: around the Huanglong Stadium (to the north of the china West Lake). Landmark of Beijing nightlife 85 Reviews This is the heading Hangzhou Award-winning rooftop lounge on top of capital. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and hangzhou china nightlife guide the local political, economic and cultural center. Go Shopping at Night in Hangzhou.

The area always draws a large crowd at night. Nightlife in Hangzhou is pretty wild. It is produced mostly by hand, and is honored as China&39;s Famous Tea due to its high quality. Suzhou is hangzhou china nightlife guide located hangzhou in Jiangsu Province in the east of China. Is Hangzhou in Shanghai?

If you want to hangzhou china nightlife guide go to visit them one by one, it hangzhou may take a lot of hangzhou china nightlife guide time. Hangzhou is one of important of electronic commerce center in China. · The main area hangzhou china nightlife guide for singles nightlife is all around West Lake. Don&39;t worry, Hangzhou is very westernized and there are plenty of zines and ads all over to find out what is happening. Lingyin Temple: Hangzhou’s Mystical Attraction HOT Surrounded by hangzhou china nightlife guide the beauty of Wulin Mountains, Lingyin Temple is one of Hangzhou&39;s best touristic attractions and an important reference for Buddhist culture in China.

Here are some of the top nightlife options in hangzhou china nightlife guide Hangzhou. How to visit Hangzhou? Take a peek at the best bars and clubs in our guide to nightlife in the city, and find out where to go to throw some serious shapes or just hang out with old and new friends. Home » China Travel Guide » Hangzhou Travel Guide » Impression West china hangzhou china nightlife guide Lake Directed by Zhang Yimou, the content of the performance would be circled firmly to the word “water” in order to incarnate the essence and lingering charm of the West Lake. For details of cultural events and china live music, pick up a copy of the free weekly entertainment. Neighborhood bars and pubs are popular hangzhou of hangzhou china nightlife guide course, but if your tastes run deeper, check out other Hangzhou nightlife selections. Hangzhou Night Shows, Activities & Nightlife Ideas. We, and third parties, use cookies for technical and analytical purposes, for marketing purposes and for integration with social media.

Indulge yourself in picturesque West Lake, one of China’s most memorable natural wonders and. If your main goal is to party and try to hook up with Hangzhou girls then guide try to get a room in that area. Hangzhou’s Nightclubs Hangzhou’s hottest club H-Lynx Nightclub Cozy, yet crazy. Enjoy the show Impression hangzhou china nightlife guide of West Lake. Hangzhou Nightlife If you&39;re hangzhou china nightlife guide looking for nightlife in Hangzhou, Shuguang Lu is the best place for bars, but there&39;s also a bunch of watering holes near Ming Town Youth Hostel on Nanshan Lu (towards the southern end of the eastern shore of West Lake).

· hangzhou Hanging-Zhou: Popular Expat Bars and Clubs in Hangzhou Just visiting Hangzhou or are you a newbie trying to get hangzhou china nightlife guide the lay of the land? china 5 hours to Hangzhou by high-speed train. Now guide you don&39;t even have to wander away from the beauty hangzhou china nightlife guide of the lakeside parks to find a place serving international microbrews alongside the more common Chinese selections. The East side of the lake does have a bit more nightlife than the West. Wondering about how to spend your night in Hangzhou? KTV (or Karaoke Television) is a favorite local evening pastime, but stick to Western-style establishments if you&39;re not quite ready to exercise your vocal cords. · Click on the banner above for a link hangzhou china nightlife guide to my brand new travel guide to the nightlife of Hangzhou, China.

Join the Guest list Hangzhou’s Clubs This is the heading Hangzhou Award-winning rooftop lounge on top of capital. · Hangzhou Nightlife Hangzhou is the capital of hangzhou china nightlife guide the Zhejiang province in China. The grand jets combined with neon lights make hangzhou china nightlife guide the water scenery totally different from that in the daytime. Even hangzhou if you’re looking for a quieter and sober experience, there are a number of theatre shows, cruises and teahouses. In the application you will hangzhou china nightlife guide find numerous articles, such as the following: * Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Nightlife Guide, Activities, Entertainment, Bar Hangzhou Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou has hangzhou listed some popular activities, entertainments and shopping streets for you to. Cafes and teahouses such as Chen Huang Tea House, Lei Feng Ge, and Qing Teng Tea House will give you a variety of tea and other hot beverages to sooth you. Where to go for nightlife in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is regarded as the cradle of the Chinese silk culture and production. After doing city tours in the day in Hangzhou, you may want to do something in the evening to hangzhou china nightlife guide maximize your time in the city. The surrounding hills also house China&39;s only tea museum. Whether you like to unwind with great food, hangzhou china nightlife guide china drinks and music, or mingle with the local crowd, Hangzhou is the place to be.

Hangzhou nightlife travel guide provides information about visiting Hangzhou bars,nightlife,clubs,cafes,westlake night show 24 Hours Hotline:Email: Hangzhou has a surprising amount of good little bars and clubs for a city of this hangzhou china nightlife guide size. Best Green TeaHangzhouMost Beautiful CitiesNight LifeDance SingRomanticCultureHistoryAsia Travel. Hangzhou is one of China&39;s most famous tea-growing centres and tours can be made to nearby Longjing Village, which bestowed the name for the city&39;s most famous export: Longjing tea, the best-known and one of the most-loved green tea in China. Marco Polo described the metropolis hangzhou china nightlife guide as being “the most magnificent and dignified city in the world”. Hangzhou has a sizeable expat community and several university campuses with large numbers of international students so a great nightlife scene has developed to cater to both foreigners and locals.

It is a large-scale and the first-rate international art performance on the real landscape. Whatever your preferences are, you&39;re sure to find an entertainment that suits your mood. Hangzhou hangzhou china nightlife guide Night Life: Like in many areas in China, going out at night to drink alcohol is not yet the obvious choice for nightlife for the local population. As one of China&39;s leisure capital, Hangzhou nightlife is both diverse china and centralized. Hangzhou was an epicenter of trade, culture, and also the location where the biggest man-made waterway, the Grand Canal, turns north towards Beijing.